Congratulations! The kitchen you’ve been planning to remodel is finally going to start! Now comes the difficult part: making do without a fully functional kitchen for several weeks. While there’s no escaping the inconveniences, you can avoid havoc in your household with smart planning. In today’s blog, we will be going over 5 steps to a successful kitchen remodel project that will allow you to survive your kitchen remodel.

1. Devise a Kitchen Stand-in

You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can grow tired of eating out frequently. Not to mention the strain it can put on your budget. Besides, no matter how much takeout you bring home, you will still need a designated place for brewing coffee, pouring a bowl of cereal, or preparing school lunch for the kids. That’s why while your kitchen is in the remodeling process, you should set up a temporary kitchen somewhere that’s out of the way of construction. Maybe you can set up an informal kitchen in the garage or place a small table in the corner of your living room to prepare quick mini-meals.

2. Cut Down on Your Kitchen Gear

During your kitchen remodel, your cooking and eating routine may be disrupted. No matter how much you love to cook, preparing a simple meal will be quite a challenge. Preparing meals in a place other than your kitchen is no simple task; that’s why it’s vital that you keep things simple and pare down to the kitchen utensils you really need. Be merciless—are you really going to be constantly using your waffle iron? Cut down to the essentials and store the rest away until the remodel is over.

3. Plan Meals Around Small Appliances

Small appliances will be your best friend during your kitchen remodel. Portable cooking appliances that can help make your meal preparation a whole lot easier include:

  • Air fryers
  • Slow cookers
  • Microwaves
  • Toasters
  • Electric griddles
  • Coffee makers

Move your fridge to your garage or temporary kitchen if possible. If you don’t have the space for your fridge around the house, investing in a minifridge may be a good idea.

4. Stock Up the Pantry with Disposables

You’re most likely going to be left without a place for washing your dishes, so you may have to improvise and wash dishes with your backyard hose… or you can make your life easier and stock up on disposable plates, cups, utensils, and napkins! Simply eat and throw your disposables away after the meal—no need to complicate your life by washing dishes in the bathroom sink!

5. Pull out the Grill

Did you know that your grill can basically do anything your oven can? If the weather cooperates, you can simply put your grill to work. You can make the most of your kitchen remodel and enjoy a carne asada or grill up some delicious cheeseburgers. With the nice weather southern Michigan has to offer for most of the year, you’ll likely have no problems enjoying a nice dinner in your backyard.

Kitchen remodels are one of the best home improvements you can do for your home. The only negative point of remodeling your kitchen is being left without a kitchen during the remodeling process. Fortunately, with a little planning and preparation, you can go through the process as smoothly as possible. We hope this list of 5 steps to a successful kitchen remodel helps! If you’re ready to get started with your kitchen remodeling project, contact Clarkston Cabinets and Flooring for a FREE quote today!