Hardwood flooring has become a popular choice among homeowners, and with a ton of wood flooring types and colors available, there is something for every interior style. Wood is a versatile flooring material with more durability than other flooring types. It comes in various styles, sizes, finishes, species, and colors. Hardwood flooring is so popular; because it can complement any interior design, architectural style, or color palette. A solid hardwood floor color makes a big impact and is an element that requires careful consideration. This article discusses the most popular wood floor colors for your flooring project to help you narrow your choices and pick the color that best fits you and your home.

Most Popular Hardwood Floor Colors

Colorful wood floors make a statement and personalize a space. Vibrant colors added to wood enhance the wood’s natural grain patterns while creating a unique look. If you’ve considered wood for your next flooring remodel, take a look at these versatile and unique colors and styles.

1. Light and Natural

Light wood floor tones make a room feel more fresh, clean, and modern. White tones are a popular design trend that looks great in several locations. Another advantage is that a light stain enhances the beauty of the natural wood while making the flooring color more consistent throughout. The light wood also allows the floor to complement both the light and dark tones used elsewhere in the kitchen.

Popular Wood Floors Colors for Your Flooring Project

2. Gray

Gray has been among the most popular interior design colors for several years. Gray wood floors offer a modern and trendy look, providing a cool and neutral base for various design schemes. Gray floors range from light and subtle to deep and charcoal-like, making them versatile for contemporary, industrial, or Scandinavian-style homes.

Popular Wood Floor Colors for Your Flooring Project

3. Honey, Tan, and Medium Brown

Honey, tan, or medium brown wood floors bring warmth and richness to a space while maintaining versatility. These mid-tone colors create a classic and timeless look while making a space cozy and inviting atmosphere. They can complement various interior styles, including rustic, farmhouse, transitional, and modern.

Popular Wood Floor Colors for Your Flooring Project

4. Rich and Dark

Popular Wood Floor Colors for Your Flooring Project

5. Red Tones

Some floors get warmer as they age, with rich red and orange tones coming into play. When you want to keep the rest of your decor simple, a floor with red tones can boost the entire space. Red tones can also warm up dark wood cabinetry in your rooms.

Popular Wood Floor Colors for Your Flooring Project

6. Rustic, Weathered, and Reclaimed

Weathered or reclaimed wood floors have a distressed and aged look, often featuring knots, cracks, and varying color tones. A reclaimed wood floor has a lot of natural patina in the planks that show off much of its history and character, giving it a formal sense that lets it work well in dining rooms and other semi-formal living spaces. This flooring style has a lot of color and variation, so that you can use a wide range of other colors and wood tones in the room.

Popular Wood Floor Colors for Your Next Flooring Project

7. Multi-Color

Wide open floors that expand across large areas can handle a lot of color variation. Some rustic flooring has a unique patina and color pattern that changes across the floor. It draws and holds the eye perfectly without needing a decorative pattern or rug.

Popular Wood Floor Colors for Your Flooring Project

8. Subtle Stripes

Mixed hardwood flooring has a lot of variation, and how you lay the planks can create a subtle stripe pattern. Subtle stripes create a visual bridge throughout the room, keeping the cabinets and counters from looking too dark.

Popular Wood Floor Colors for Your Flooring Project

9. White Washed

White-washed wood floors have a light, faded appearance that can give a space a beachy, coastal, or rustic vibe. These floors create a sense of lightness and airiness, making them popular in cottage-style or shabby-chic interiors.

Popular Wood Floor Colors for Your Flooring Project

Your Perfect Wood Floor from Clarkston Cabinets & Flooring

Today, many color choices are available when choosing the right wood flooring for a space. The wood floor colors can vary depending on the type of wood species used, the stain or finish applied, and the natural variations of the wood itself. It is important to view samples and talk to a flooring professional to find a surface that is just right for you. At Clarkston Cabinets & Flooring, we offer quality flooring installations of various flooring materials. From beginning to end, we’ll ensure that your flooring surpasses all of your expectations. Call us at (248) 459-5514 or click here for a FREE estimate!