As with anything, time will take its toll on your home. The first to show signs of wear will be your floors. In our latest blog, we share the top signs that your flooring needs to be replaced.

Stains, Scratches, and Cracks

Stains, scratches, and cracks are normal and expected with time, but when exactly do these signs of wear and tear need to be addressed? With stains, you don’t need to worry about them as much. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that stains can be a sign of a bigger problem. Be sure to get it checked out to ensure it’s not a sign of something bigger. As for scratches and cracks, getting them inspected is also very important. Scratches and cracks can put your home at risk for water damage and pest infestations.

Water Damage

Water damage should not be taken lightly. Water damage can lead to many other problems, compromising your home’s integrity. Signs indicating water damage include dark stains, bulging, peeling, soft spots, and mold.

Cracking, Creaks, or Hollow Sounds

Do you hear any cracking, creaking, or hollow sounds when you walk over any part of your floor? Cracks, creaks, or hollow sounds can indicate structural issues. It is recommended to contact a flooring expert to ensure it gets taken care of and addressed.

Unpleasant Odors

Homes with pets and children know that accidents happen. Accidents and day-to-day wear can cause hard-to-remove soils. As time progresses, these soils can worsen. And what’s more, one spot can quickly turn into multiple ones, leaving your home looking less than ideal. Together, they will not only leave your floors an eyesore but also leave unpleasant odors behind.

Floor Inspections and Replacements

There are a few signs that indicate a need for a floor replacement. These signs include stains, scratches, cracks, water damage, noises when walking, and unpleasant odors. At Clarkston Cabinets and Flooring, we’ve seen it all. With years of experience, we can help homeowners get their homes back into shape in no time.

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